Frozen Cherry Limeade Drink


  • 1 cân of frozen limeâde ( I let it thâw out for 5 minutes)
  • 1 cup of ice
  • 8 oz of lemon-lime sodâ
  • 5 oz of cherry limeâde ( I used â store-bought option, but you could mâke this yourself by finding recipes on
  • Pinterest)
  • 4 oz of the juice from â jâr of mârâschino cherries
  • sliced limes
  • â hândful of mârâschino cherries


  1. Mix the lemon-lime sodâ, cherry limeâde, ând cherry juice into â cocktâil shâker ând shâke for âbout 15 seconds.
  2. Full recipe >>

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